SSNR Conference Day 3

Today followed the same format as the first two days: breakfast, plenary sessions, coffee break with poster presentations, more plenary talks, lunch (amazing again), and afternoon workshops.
This evening I took an hour to check my email and chat with Justin when I had access to decent Internet. I then walked in to town in search of souvenirs. I accidentally made a loop around and through the city centre and was almost back to the hotel when I ran in to a group from the conference headed in to town for dinner. I joined them. Again, we had a very multinational dinner (Mexican, Dutch, Japanese living in France, Mexican living in France, and me, the plain ol white bread American). We ate at a cafeteria/restaurant and watched Barcelona play a match. Ice cream again followed dinner and I’m now relaxing in my room, ready for the last day of conference! Tomorrow will include a trip to an island and a gala/banquet dinner. Then I get to go HOME!!!!!


~ by notforproffitt on September 19, 2013.

One Response to “SSNR Conference Day 3”

  1. I’ll give you white (very), but you’re anything but plain! Not my ‘pretty girl’!
    East, west, home’s best. ILY- Mommy

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