SSNR Conference Day 1

Today was the first full day of the conference. We started off with a full breakfast. Apparently they take meals very seriously in Spain. Lots of food! We had three plenary sessions in the morning with a poster session during the coffee break. I met a newly hired faculty member in the PT Division at USC also here for the conference. After lunch of tapas and paella we had the first day of our workshops. The one I’m attending is on muscle synergies: how to define them, how to measure them and then eventually looking at clinical applications for rehabilitation. Tomorrow we will be doing data collection with EMG so I need to refresh my memory on electrode placement. I’m less familiar with lower limb anatomy than upper limb. After the workshops, we toured the palm tree gardens owned by the hotel. It had over 1,000 palms from all over the world!! A group of us including two locals, myself, my roommate, the USC professor, a biomedical engineer from Chicago, and another engineer from Montreal went into town for dinner. We decided on this Italian restaurant that made their own pasta. We each ordered different pasta and sauce combinations then ate family style. Very yummy! Sangria was the drink of the evening (of course). After dinner we meandered through town, got some frozen yogurt, and saw the old churches and castles in town. I’m now relaxing and getting ready for another full day tomorrow!!


~ by notforproffitt on September 17, 2013.

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  1. I was only 17 when I went to Spain between my junior & senior years in HS. That was really my first adventure in eating different foods, and they certainly had some good ones! I remember having paella for the first time – yummy! Enjoy yourself. It’s quite a country.

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