Welcome to Madrid!!

I made it!!! Now to fill you all in on my journey and show some pictures from the last few days that I wasn’t able to upload.

I left Courtney’s house around 9:30am and took a taxi to the train station. The Thalys train from Brussels to Paris was nice, very smooth. I made it in to Paris Nord around 1pm. I took the Metro to a station that I THOUGHT was close to the Eiffel tower and hopped off. I found a cafe and has lunch- grilled sirloin steak and “frites”. Sadly after leaving that restaurant, I passed one that had a sign saying “moules frites”. I almost stopped in but the mussles will have to wait another day. I walked across the Seine on a bridge and could see the Eiffel tower! Hooray!! So I ventured along the river in search of it. After what felt like forever, I FINALLY made it to the Eiffel Tower. I nearly collapsed on a park bench (mind you, I have on both my pack and backpack) and relaxed for a bit. After wandering around, and enjoying a mist of rain, I headed to find the nearest Metro station so I could make my way to my next train. The ticket system is a bit confusing with the different types of trains they have. I had to buy a new ticket for the RER train to get to the Paris Austerlitz station. One there I relaxed, had a cup of “chocolat” and read my book. This is the tastiest stuff ever. I could drink it all day.


The Eiffel Tower!


Yummy chocolat and good book













Then I began the second leg of my journey to Spain. The Elipsos trenhotel was interesting. There were several cars of sleeper coaches. I booked the cheapest ticket of a “superreclining” seat. This has its ups and downs, literally. The seat reclines back to a nice angle for most of your body. The head supports are decent and the room to roll side to side is ok. I put my neck pillow on, eye shade on and ear plugs in and passed out. The feet were a different story. They only elevated to about a 45/50 degree angle so my knees were still bent and my feet towards the floor. When I woke up, my feet were all kinds of puffy. I had to stick them up on the wall to let some of the fluid out and then do self retrograde massage. Thank goodness I’m a therapist.

We arrived into Madrid around 9;30am. I caught the Metro 3 stops to the station by my hotel and where I’m leaving from tomorrow morning. I knew that check-in wasn’t until later but I didn’t want to lug my bag around all day. Fortunately they let me go to my room early and put my stuff down. I then headed out into town. I found a cute “cafeteria” and had chocolate and churros for brunch. Mmmm. The chocolate is so thick I dipped my churros in it for extra flavor. Then I meandered around, did a little shopping and headed back to the hotel. I FINALLY got in a shower and am now relaxing before I grab dinner and turn in early-ish. Tomorrow I will be at my FINAL destination for my trip!!


Chocolate and churros, what an awesome combination


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  1. Sounds a bit like you and Becca dipping your French fries in your chcolate Frostys at Wendys! Glad you made it to Spain.

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